Our Services

More than Airport Transfers! We are a full-service transportation company, offering sedan and luxury limo service, vans and buses, as well as tours transfer, city tours and charters.

Private Transfer

Group Tariff: If you are a group, please let us know number of people travelling, we will provide you proposal with discount rate shortly.

Airport Transfer Service are proud to provide a personal friendly service with English speaking guide who are well trained and reliable. Our vehicles are all installed with a satellite guidance and tracking system helping you to your destination and us to manage our fleet.

Share Transfer (Shuttle)

You pay for your seat, and share the transfer with other people who are arriving at a similar time. You will be taken to your destination as directly as possible, as there is a maximum of only 8 passengers per minibus.

Please note that while the majority of our Shared Transfer routesoperate a door-to-door service, there are a number of routes where we are only able to operate to a specific drop off or pick up point. Full details of this point are provided on your transport voucher. Please contact us for the routes.